Peru is incredibly diverse and full of natural resources, and the ocean that borders the Andean country is no different. Our passion for the sea intensified as we began to research the life that resides in the vast Pacific waters, and we became concerned with its conservation. When we began leading excursions as Pacifico Adventures, in 2006, it was important that the tours and activities offered would be thrilling for our guests, but always responsible and conscientious of the wildlife we came in contact with. Located in Los Organos, a dreamy nook within the coastal city of Piura, we’re proud to say that we’ve been able to maintain our value of conservation after over a decade of operations.

Our team consists of marine biologists, ecotourism professionals, local fisherman, specialized guides and experienced captains, meaning we know how to provide our guests with memorable adventures without endangering surrounding wildlife.

As pioneers of whale watching and marine life observation excursions in the northern coast of Peru, our tours are a balance of unforgettable activities and worthwhile scientific research.

Join us as we strive to conserve, protect and have an adventure!