Offshore sport fishing

The coast of the Peruvian north is an exceptional area for off-shore fishing. It was in these coasts that the world fishing record was achieved, a 1560 lbs. black marlin. Here, two currents meet. The cold Humboldt marine current and the “El Niño” current. This produces unique conditions that allow us to find impressive marine species such as the striped marlin, the black marlin, the yellow-fin tuna, the wahoo and the dorado.

Characteristics of the “Frenesi”  Yatch:
•  29 feet Boston Wailer
•  2 overboard Mercury Optimax engines of 200 HP each.
•  A toilet and an inside cabin

This type of fishing will be done respecting the minimum sizes for capture.
Beacked species will be returned to the sea.

• Complete fishing equipment: fishing rods, reels and special samples. 
• Echosounder
• Experienced crew, skilled in fishing and sailing.

Capacity for 4 persons maximum.

Place and time of embarkment: 
6.00 a.m. at the Los Organos pier.

8 hours