Whale watching

Hop on board and cruise the big blue as we keep our eyes out for the distinctive humpback whale. These whales make an annual migration close to the equator to breed and give birth. From July to October, you can witness these grandiose mammals in our part of the Pacific thanks to their extroverted surface behavior. Check out their pectoral fins, knobby head, and perhaps even that black and white tail fin as it teases ‘goodbye’ and splashes back beneath the sea.

This early morning excursion across the ocean isn’t just about the humpback, however. Join us as we aim to spot as many local marine fauna as possible. From jovial dolphins, curious sea lions, turtles wading through the tropical waters and even other species of whale, we’ll work together to witness these animals in their day to day routines. There’s so much for you to see and experience on this excursion, which is why we stay on the move during the two and a half hour tour.

Each of our three vessels are equipped to handle a maximum of 24 passengers and will be navigated by our experienced captain. Do you know how to say ‘humpback whale’ in Spanish? Just ask one of the two bilingual guides and biologists aboard each vessel, there to answer questions, assist in identifying animals and provide valuable information. Ever heard a live concert of whales? Listen to them sing with of our onboard hydrophones.

After having successfully navigated the water, we’ll return to Los Organos and disembark.

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